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Volume 42, Issue 1, 2009.
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Volume 42, Issue 1 - February 2009


The Future of Leonardo Depends on You! - Jeffrey Babcock

Color Plates

Color Plates

Artists' Articles

Patterns That Connect - Dawn Whitehand

Without Visible Scars: Digital Art and the Memory of War - Lanfranco Aceti

Intimate Distances: Mediating Mutuality, Contestation and Exchange between Bodies - Phillip Warnell

General Articles

Campaigners for Camouflage: Abbott H. Thayer and William J. Dakin - Ann Elias

Hindu Tree Veneration as a Mode of Environmental Encounter - Louise Fowler-Smith

Fact and Fantasy in Nanotech Imagery - David S. Goodsell

Scoring the Work: Documenting Practice and Performance in Variable Media Art - Corina MacDonald

Theoretical Perspective

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