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Hip-Hop Tourette’s is a learned neuropsychiatric disorder with onset in adulthood, characterized by multiple physical and vocal tics. After significant years spent listening to Rap music these tics often times include coprolalia involving rap lyric references in response to conversation and changes in environment. Hip-Hop Tourette’s re-contexualizes New York City with Rap lyrics.

I am a passionate cross-domain ninja.

I ideate, mashup, design and create technologies, products and experiences combining the areas of art, new modes of interaction, history, learning for kids, physical computing, accessibility, ubiquity, information and socio-economic goodness.

At eyebeam, I am 'mapping paradise' with caraballo-farman !
Eyebeam CV

The USA has by far the greatest number of places called Paradise.

The first voyagers to the Americas really believed they had found Eden; Columbus called it “the terrestrial paradise." But the founders of the US took that idea in a new direction: paradise as a place to be simultaneously discovered and made.

So it seems consistent with the mixture of American literalism and idealism, that if you punch in "paradise" for any of the American states, google maps pulls up something, an unincorporated township, a valley, a county …

Project Created: 
March 2010
People: Abou Caraballo-Farman, caraballo-farman, Leonor Caraballo-Farman
Research: Open Culture
Project Type: Web
Tags: Google Maps, usa, utopia
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