Start Date: 
15 Jul 2002
6:00pm - 8:00 pm

Feral Robotic Dogs: The Bureau of Inverse Technology led a workshop on building feral robotic dogs. These semi-autonomous activist robots are created by disassembling and rebuilding commercially available robotic toy dogs. The toys are 'upgraded' by installing a new nose (data collection sensors), a new brain that programs the dogs to "sniff out" contaminants in the environment and by mechanically improving them so that they can traverse outdoor terrain.

Tuesday July 15 
12-6PM - Tickle Salon 
12-6PM - New York - Tokyo Robotics 
6-8PM - Presentations and Discussion 
8-10PM - Party

Projects: Feral Robotic Dogs
People: Bureau of Inverse Technology
Research: R&D Lab
Tags: Robotics, physical computing, dog

The Bureau of Inverse Technology (aka bit and sometimes BIT) is an organization of artist-engineers whose stated aim is to be an information agency servicing the Information Age". Bureau engineers are involved from design to deployment and documentation of radical products based on commercially available electronic entertainment components such as cameras, radios, networks, robots, sensors, etc.

Though its work has long been publicly available, the composition of the Bureau itself is shrouded in some mystery, for some years cloaking its identity in anonymity. In 2004 the Bureau initiated a "retreat from anonymity" when radio journalist and BIT co-founder Kate Rich took up a three-month Research Fellowship at Piet Zwart Institute for Media Design Research, Rotterdam in 2004. Current Bureau products include BIT Radio, Feral Robotic Dogs and the Despondency Index.



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