Datamining Hip-Hop’s History

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* February 20, 2011 |
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An artist named Tahir Hemphill wants to datamine 30 years of hip-hop lyrics to provide a searchable index of the genre’s lexicon.

Start Date: 
3 Feb 2011

Eyebeam Resident Tahir Hemphill is hosting a Friendraiser to rally support for the final 10-day stretch of the Hip-Hop Word Count Kickstarter campaignThe party will feature a presentation of the project, music curated from a search of the Hip-Hop Word Count, computers for your Kickstarter donations, and even a giant microphone piñata.

Space is limited. RSVP here:
Questions? Contact staplecrops at gmaildotcom.

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The Internets is all buzzing with chatter against Facebook’s latest privacy breaches. Into this happy mix a bunch of NYU students have been cast as the Davids against the social networking Goliath. Is that really a good thing? Can we help?

Friends are there... or are they?

Diaspora is a new initiative by 4 NYU students to create a “privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network” by the end of the summer. A worthy mission indeed with quite an ambitious time line.


Bright Bike color chart

Somehow I didn’t blog this image.  This is the range of colors for the Bright Bike DIY Kits ( These are 3M Scotchlite 680 retroreflective vinyl kits that are solid colors in daylight and super bright in headlights at night.

Right now, I have a campaign going on to scale the project up. If you are coming to this post after March 2nd, when that campaign ends, you can get the kits at


This is a screen shot taken one hour after the dealine today, when Windowfarms succeeded in reaching (and surpassing) its $25,000 goal on kickstarter, they now exist as a funded non-profit!

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