Ethan Zuckerman has posted a beautiful piece that stitches together many of the ideas we deal with in How To Win and the Center for Artistic Activism. I can’t recommend it enough:

Overcoming political polarization… but not through facts

It ties together polarization, confirmation bias, the media, David Simon and The Wire, and the need for addressing values and narrative before facts.

I’ll post it here for the sake of archiving:

Overcoming political polarization… but not through facts

by Ethan Zuckerman


The Brian Lehrer Show
The Great Urban Hack
Thursday, November 04, 2010

John Keefe, WNYC's senior executive producer for news, talks about this weekend's Great Urban Hack, an event to promote the intersection of journalism and technology. The over-night, open-source "hackathon" is being co-sponsored by WNYC.

Start Date: 
6 Nov 2010 - 7 Nov 2010
36hr Hackathon: 9AM Saturday - 6PM Sunday
Partner Organizations: 
Hacks/Hackers NYC

Developers, designers, journalists:

Join Eyebeam Art + Technology Center & Hacks/Hackers NYC on Nov. 6 & 7 for The Great Urban Hack, a two-day, overnight, open-source hackathon that celebrates the city.

Design, report on, code and create projects to help New Yorkers get the information they need while strenghtening a sense of community.

Whether it's news, politics, government information, arts, culture, education, transportation, environment or health related — any journalism or technology project that helps residents connect to their communities is welcome.

We'll feed you throughout the hackathon, while a program of optional presentations will keep your brain (and your energy) going. Bring an open mind, a possible open-source project idea and a willingness to collaborate.

People: Stephanie Pereira
Research: Education, Open Culture
Tags: hackathon, hacks and hackers, journalism, media future, News, newspapers
Partner Organizations: Hacks/Hackers NYC

NewsShift turns the news page into a node in a networked collaborative journalistic effort, it needs your help

NewsShift is the title of the grant application coming from some of us at the ShiftSpace team in collaboration with NewsShift basically turns a news page into a node in a networked collaborative journalistic effort. It has made it through the first round of proposals and is constantly trending as one of the highest rated applications in the 2nd round in the Knight News Challenge site.


Kevin Connor & Matthew Skomarovsky from (an involuntary facebook of powerful Americans, collaboratively edited by people like you) & David Nolen and myself of ShiftSpace have teamed up and together with Eyebeam have submitted an application for the Knight News Challenge. It is a cross between what LittleSis and ShiftSpace do best, applied to a rethinking of social media meets local journalism. We’re trying to get the best of both centralization (of collaboration and databases) and decentralization (of data sources, contribution and consumption) – combine what makes both the centralized Wikipedia and the distributed blogosphere. From the application:

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