Eyebeam Storefront

Publication Studio comes to Eyebeam, May 16-23!
Opening reception: Thursday May 16, 6-9pm. Sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery. 

Eyebeam is excited to announce its upcoming partnership with Publication Studio—a social publishing endeavor based in Portland, OR.

From May 16-23, Publication Studio will engage in a micro-residency in Eyebeam‚Äôs storefront bookstore. The week will be used to develop new projects with Eyebeam artists-- including the launch of a book by Kristin Lucas-- host public events and discussions with Eyebeam fellows, present an exhibition on the work of the studio and its authors, and further explore the future of print and screen-based books. 

People: Brad Troemel, Kristin Lucas, Laurel Ptak, Publication Studio, Roddy Schrock, Zoe Salditch
Tags: books, printing, residency

Quick reviews - recommended books - (sent to various email lists - might
be of interest here?) -

Hello Avatar, Rise of the Networked Generation, B. Coleman, MIT, 2011

- Highly recommend this book which isn't the usual first-person
narrative, but carefully builds a theoretical structure for analyzing
the phenomenology of avatars, which we might be taking increasingly
for granted; the days of Sherry Turkle's Life on the Screen have been
replaced by life. I like the breadth and time-line of the book. I
picked up the copy at Eyebeam; it's one of the more useful recent
volumes of theory/sociology/philosophy of new media to emerge.

Noise Channels, Glitch and Error in Digital Culture, Peter Krapp,
Minnesota, 2011


Security Patterns 2009

Walk-through of work made by Michael Mandiberg during 2009. This collection of sculptures was made at Eyebeam.

Cast: Michael Mandiberg, Patrick Davison and Mike Rugnetta



I received a special request for an Internet Archive pipe. Starting from the advanced search page there was plenty to work with. The Advanced XML Search form returns whichever record fields you might want as XML, JSON, CSV, or an HTML table. The form exposes all of passed parameters in the search response URL, making it straightforward to rig a pipe to create a well formatted query.

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