broken conversation

----------------------------= YTalk version 3.3.0
=----------------------------- therefore something should come together
between the two bodies separated by a serrated division, vertebra one
among other. pain is this logging-out, is the collapse of the backbone,
the melting or melding of the body as it begins to disappear.the body's
not here either, the body is a square, is a playing-field, the body is a
holding-pen.the i is a stream of i's, of eyes, these appear as if it were,
but just imminent, as if just momentary, just for a minute.drying, in
other words a stain or residue, we can say a conversation is a drying, a other words, you're saying this is dust, this is red dust,


I’ve been teaching a class on the subject for 3 years, I’ve been giving talks on the subject for almost a year. Finally I set down and wrote the essay for the second edition of the Collaborative Futures book. On Sunday (Aug 1st 2010) I gave a talk based on this essay at DebConf the Debian community conference. The title of the talk is “Beyond Sharing: Open Source Design”. The (high-pitch audio) presentation is available on the Debian site (requires Firefox or another OGV playing browser).


Ghana Think Tank is solving the problems of the Developed World. Local problems collected from communities in the U.S. and UK are sent to think tanks in Ghana, Cuba, Iran, Serbia, Mexico and El Salvador. The think tanks propose solutions, which are enacted back in the problem community, whether the solutions seem brilliant or embarrassing. This project explores the friction caused when solutions are generated in one context and applied elsewhere.


Project Created: 
May 2006

Social Telephony Files documents work by Graham Harwood and Matsuko Yokokoji in which telephone networks are set up for communities to develop and maintain links to those they trust, and communicate in familiar languages using accessible technology. Social telephony functions in terms of an “aesthetics of connectivity”, building social networks between people that allow them to communicate in unexpected patterns and reveal different kinds of relationships.

Project Created: 
May 2003
Projects: Telephone Trottoire
People: Graham Harwood, Matsuko Yokokoji, YoHa
Project Type: Activism, Exhibited Project, Hacking, Performance Art
Tags: communication, Re:Group

Communication breakdown… It’s never the same. How I tried to extend my social network to beyond just “friends” and came off as a douche bag

In my previous post titled “Relationship: It’s Complicated” I was trying to make the point that social media interfaces and terminologies excludes the room for conflict. I came up with three proposition for intervention, one of them worked or rather took a life of its own much faster than I expected.

I was proposing to use Twitter list to follow not just like-minded people, but also people you often disagree with, as a way of both challenging your point of view and of engaging beyond our networked echo chamber. (read more about it on my post)


When the Brooklyn Bridge was built in 1893, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Built by John, Washington and Emily Warren Roebling, it was a feet of engineering that has connected millions of people.

We’re working on our own bridge, for educators to connect students around the world. Partnering with MIT Center for Future Civic Media and Digital Democracy, Project Roebling – named for the builders of the Brooklyn Bridge – is the base for Project Lumiere, our video-based digital penpal program to connect youth internationally.

Project Created: 
August 2009

How do you define New York City? On September 18th passersby in Tompkins Square Park will be invited to share their answer to this question in words and images. Submitted responses will be projected live after sunset from a giant helium balloon, the Urballoon. The audience can also participate by visiting the website from their mobile device or from an on-site laptop connected to the Internet.


Tools for the end of the world: LightCoder

Pocket LightCoder: In case of disaster point it to the sun and ask for help. Or just send a secret message.


Tools for the end of the world: LightCoder

Pocket LightCoder: In case of disaster point it to the sun and ask for help. Or just send a secret message.

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