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Video from our 48 Hour Hackathon featuring projects created during the event:

openFrameworks art, EL wire fashion, 3d printed bottle openers, LED email lights, massive LED matrix projects, and books hacked to hold digital collections of… books!


Self Portrait of Paul (DeMarinis)(2003) is a “self-portrait” in which the recorded voice of sonic artist Paul DeMarinis defines the image. A sequence of his pre-recorded vocal tones are received from across the room by a microphone and then decoded, illuminating the digitally stored image of DeMarinis on a grid of LED lights. The high tones transmitted by the piece represent white and low tones represent black slowly building a sensory portrait that resonates not only the physical attributes of the artist, but also his voice and personal relationship to sound.

Project Created: 
May 2003
People: Jim Campbell
Project Type: Exhibited Project
Tags: sound, led
image courtesy of IAMAS

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2005FExhibiting Artist
2003FExhibiting Artist
Tags: digital, led, sound
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