Today Jacob and I drew the shape of the movie. There are two climaxes. The movie is about an awkward couple who fall in love. I am writing a scene about their first date, which takes place at Coney Island. They will copulate and she will give him syphilis. Despite learning that she does not love him and she has given him a sexy disease, they will break out in song and dance.


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Over the past two weeks, with the help of Dave and Kaho, we have developed our idea for how we want to go about our proposal for the Future Everything Festival.  We are making it a series of labs (games), where the festival goers will have to complete various tasks related to the scenarios we have designed for the event.  Some of our story boards can be found below.

We chose 5 topics: music, evolution, fashion, food, and weapons.  We created an individual scenario for each one, and we are in the process of deciding what the players will have to do.


Catching up on blogging here at Eyebeam!

A few weeks ago, Evan Boehm emailed Visual Music Collaborative participants to share a new music video he and a friend just completed for Hyperdub's Darkstar. He directly credits learning and inspiration drawn from his work with the Visual Music Collaborative this summer at Eyebeam (with Ghostly International). And they did some of it in OpenFrameworks and released the code! Which we double love.

Check it, it's beautiful. We are happy.


The first day at eyebeam everybody presented some of their past work and talked about what they were interested in.

I presented some of my friend and I's past work in Maya.  I showcased some of the capabilities of Maya, which is a 3D Modeling and animation program

I explained how i would like to expand on my maya abilities, and begin with possible animation.

I also talked about my interests in both Programming, such as Java,  as well as video game creation.


I presented art work by phototrealist painters, Ralph Goings, who paints diner scenes: coffee cakes and ketchup bottles, and Pamella Johnson, who paints giant junks food. Max let out a caper of delight when he saw this overwhelmingly large waffle portrait.

I love these artists because food is a mascot of culture in addition to being a subject that is totally universal.


The first day at Eyebeam, we made presentations. Justine's was about photorealist artists, Ralph Goings and Pamella Michelle Johnson who paint food. Justine herself makes comics and paints burgers. Max showed us a unicorn his friend done did  on MAYA. It was pretty cool.


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Amanda summing up a wonderful day with the Farm City Forum as part of the Farm City festival for Crossing the Line Festival with FIAF. Eyebeam's Food in the City program was proud to co-host this event.


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Starting today the Eyebeam Roadshow has taken up residence at the 01SJ Biennial.

This is Kaho bringing her Ticket Machine to life with the Arduino Mega.

More info at bit.ly/roadshow_01SJ


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Missing the Visual Music Collaborators (Blair Neal, Evan Boehm, George Michael Brower, Jono Brandel, Lars Berg, Michael Chang, Noah Keating, Riley Harmon, Sougwen Chung, Steve Varga, Will Calcutt, Aaron Koblin, Aaron Meyers, & the Ghostly team!). Luckily I have this great set of photos from Collab-orator Will Calcutt to moon over!


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