World of Awe: mRB (2002)

Yael Kanarek and Bnode (Judith Gieseler and Innes Yates) elaborate on Kanarek's ongoing multi-media project, World of Awe, an original narrative that uses the ancient genre of the traveler's tale to explore the connections between storytelling, travel, memory, and technology. Here, the artists investigate the diffusion of techno-scientific knowledge into popular culture through a fictional supertoy -- the mRB. In the World of Awe's Traveler's Journal, the mRB is a prototype for the moodRingBaby. Resembling an advanced Tamagotchi, the device is capable of holding conversations and telling stories. The project utilizes a 3D web interface that allows the user to browse various aspects of the mRB for clues to its origin, experiences, and character. The mRB web experience is augmented by the physical installation, which incorporates spatial, material and organizational themes.

Project Created: 
October 2002
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