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The Surveillance Camera Players (SCP) is a small, informal group of people who are unconditionally opposed to the installation and use of video surveillance cameras in public places. The SCP was formed in New York City in November 1996 by two groups of friends/activists: one centered around Michael Carter, the author of the manifesto for The Guerrilla Preprogramming of Video Surveillance Equipment (1995), and the other around Bill Brown, fresh from the Unabomber for President campaign (1996). Both share a strong interest in the theories and actions of the Situationist International, especially its use of scandals, pranks and "detournement" (diverting bland or oppressive materials for subversive purposes).

Eyebeam CV
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Radical Software Group(RSG) Radical Software Group is a loosely defined ensemble of artists and programmers, working collaboratively in digital media. Radical Software Group, or RSG, is named in honor of Radical Software, the short-lived but seminal 1970s magazine, which investigated nascent video technology with much the same irreverent spirit that RSG now brings to digital culture. The group, whose membership shifts according to the project, has focused largely on network environments and interface design, including the award-winning software tool Carnivore.

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