Lafiya Watson will be teaching middle school students from the Institute for Collaborative Education(ICE).

"Everyone has had perceptions and labels placed upon them, and often those labels are wrong. It is especially frustrating to deal with false perceptions when one is still in the process of figuring out his/her identity." Through a series of web art projects using Flash (online animation software) and Photoshop, this class gave students a chance to address and debunk those perceptions placed upon them, as well as embrace and create their own true sense of identity.

Project Created: 
September 2005
Projects: Youth Web Art Workshop
People: Lafiya Watson
Project Type: Web
Tags: youth, photoshop, flash
Start Date: 
1 Jan 2005 - 31 May 2005

At Girls Eye View (GEV) Spring 2005, teaching Artist Cat Mazza taught students in the Girls Eye View program about the overlaps between knitting, computers and women’s labor history. There were lessons in hand knitting, how to work a knitting machine, and how to make needlecraft patterns with Photoshop and knitPro. The needlecraft they stitched were of icons of popular culture that were then animated into a social commentary.

Projects: Girl's Eye View Spring 2005
People: Cat Mazza
Research: Education Lab
Tags: girls, Girls Eye View 2005, knit, knitting, photoshop

Rebekah Rutkoff worked with her After School Atelier high school students on the project Experiments in Documentation. Working from the notion that raw materials for art making can always be found close-at-hand, students assembled a body of material that represented their personal and communal spaces. Utilizing these found objects with Premiere and Photoshop software, these students investigated digital video as a medium and created pieces of moving poetry.

Rutkoff is an artist and curator living in Brooklyn. Her work in photography and video art has been shown internationally. In 2001 she co-founded the Jaraf video art screening series in New York City. She is at work on an ongoing project that blurs the line between art-making and curatorial practices entitled Color Therapy for Oedipal Conflicts.


Project Created: 
March 2002
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