Start Date: 
24 May 2014
$35; $25 Student (including Materials Fee)

Now offering a Sliding Scale $5-$35*


Unsanctioned posters are the wallpaper of New York’s surfaces, announcing political messages, fashion lines, multi-colored mobile phones, and hip hop albums.  Come envision the imagery that might adorn New York City’s future streets at the Wild Posting Futures BBQ.  Work with custom futuring tools and thought diagrams to imagine diverse future messages of businesses, services, artists or propagandists.  

Bring your laptop and some weenies; we’ll supply graphic design consultation, a large format printer, the BBQ, and the futuring method.

Install and exhibit your work at Eyebeam's Storefront.  Exhibition will run from May 24 - June 1.

Take home a wheatpasting kit and your original print.

Projects: Extrapolation Factory, Near Future Laboratory
People: Chris Woebken, Elliot P. Montgomery
Research: Education, Urban Research
Tags: design fiction, design thinking, future, futuring, graphic design, nyc, posters, wheat pasting
March 15 10:00AM-7:00PM; March 16 10:00AM-9:00PM
$25 Day 1; $60 Day 1+2

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In this weekend-long space workshop, become a member of the Society for Speculative Rocketry.

The aim of the Society is to explore the relationship between past and future realities of space travel and how they live within the public imaginary. The early rocketeers from Robert H. Goddard to the Berlin Society for Space Travel (from whom the Society takes inspiration for its name) worked their way from ideas to functional prototypes to the massive technological artifacts that took us to the Moon and beyond, initially guided by the fiction of Jules Verne and the writings of Russian cosmists such as Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.



In the year 5000, my birthday falls on a Monday, I won't be around.
Somehow, this makes me unutterably sad, weeping.

Our span is so short, we all know that, but this, this concrete
instance, tears through me. And I won't make it, to be sure, past

February 5000

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After Thought is a personality test where I interview people using flashcards and brainwave analysis to produce a custom “video mindprint”. From software-response analysis, I generate a unique 5-minute video containing symbolic imagery such as fireworks shooting into the night sky, rain beating against a window, a sleeping baby and many more. The end result is a looping video on a small LCD screen, housed in a small wooden box. People should watch their video when they drift away from their true selves to perform an emotional realignment.

Project Created: 
October 2009
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