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A two-day presentation at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center allowing an inside look at current research and in-progress work. Open Studios is a chance to meet the amazing artists and creative technologists that make Eyebeam an exciting creative incubator of new ideas, new art, and new technology: Think, Make, Share.

Fran Ilich
Mark Shepard
Mary Mattingly

Nova Jiang
Taeyoon Choi

Aaron Meyers


On November 16, Eyebeam's fellows, residents, and student residents gathered in the main space together with staff to present their works in progress.

Honorary Resident Hsing Wei presented proposals from Digital Teacher Corps, a partnership between Eyebeam and New Visions for Public Schools. Fellow Mary Mattingly presented in-progress images of her Wearable Homes and Flock Houses, along with images of past projects.

Members of Eyebeam's Student Residency Program also presented proposals of projects they will create during their year-long residencies. The five high school students will work together with residents and fellows in Eyebeam's state of the art facilities to create works of art and technology through the media of video production, dance, activism, game design, and textile technology.

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Eyebeam Student Resident Sharon Mizrahi writes about The Future of Education on The Huffington Post and muses on her experiences during her student residency at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, her experience working with on Youth Planning Committee meetings at Global Kids, and her involvement with Hive Learning Network NYC.


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I love ms bodha

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I made this animation for a party that doesn’t exist, and YOURE INVITED!



Today Jacob and I drew the shape of the movie. There are two climaxes. The movie is about an awkward couple who fall in love. I am writing a scene about their first date, which takes place at Coney Island. They will copulate and she will give him syphilis. Despite learning that she does not love him and she has given him a sexy disease, they will break out in song and dance.


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Over the past two weeks, with the help of Dave and Kaho, we have developed our idea for how we want to go about our proposal for the Future Everything Festival.  We are making it a series of labs (games), where the festival goers will have to complete various tasks related to the scenarios we have designed for the event.  Some of our story boards can be found below.

We chose 5 topics: music, evolution, fashion, food, and weapons.  We created an individual scenario for each one, and we are in the process of deciding what the players will have to do.

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