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Vol. 41, Issue 2, April 2008
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Volume 41, Issue 2 - April 2008


Restoring the Continuum - Piero Scaruffi

Extended Abstract

The Destruction of a Nuclear Plant - Marisa González


Painting the Internet - John Aycock

Voice Mosaic — Talking to the Web - Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel

In The Eye of The Beholder: The Perception of Indeterminate Art - Christian Wallraven, Kathrin Kaulard, Cora Kürner, Robert Pepperell

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paperback, 288 pages
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December 2008
Media Theory
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This provocative, cutting-edge anthology addresses the challenges of curating, presenting, and preserving new-media art—artworks that use digital technologies as media and emphasize process over object. As an art form that is inherently time based, dynamic, interactive, collaborative, customizable, and variable, new-media art resists objectification. It boldly challenges the traditional art world's customary methods of presentation and documentation as well as its approach to collection and preservation. Edited and introduced by Christiane Paul and featuring contributions by prominent practitioners—institutional and independent curators, theorists, and conservators—this volume charts developments in an exciting field and addresses the conceptual, philosophical, and practical issues of both curating and presenting new-media art.


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Balkany in front of a Gropius-designed power plant on the Reese hospital campus. Photo: Edward Lifson

When Chicago recently dreamt of hosting the 2016 Olympics, its bid included the demolition of an unused hospital complex to make way for an Olympic Village. Then a young architect in town named Grahm Balkany sounded alarm bells that some of the buildings, the planning, and other aspects were the work of the pioneer of modern architecture and creator of the Bauhaus–Walter Gropius! Once Chicago lost the Olympics to Rio you’d think the city would have called off the bulldozers, right?  Alas, if you think that, obviously you don’t know “The Chicago Way.”

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