Virtual Worlds

creatures GREAT ANd small

every day we learn something new and are very happy
we are growing day by day and producing wonderful work
we are always bettering ourselves and reaching for the stars
every day new plateaus become old plateaus and launching pads
we are miracles and we create miracles
every day there are new wonders and we are so excited
every day our beauty flowers in our works and wonderful new worlds

Eyebeam, Day 5 performance, with Azure Carter, Foofwa d'Imobilite,
Mark Skwarek, and Alan Sondheim



(edited (edited computer computer video video from from Second Second Life
Life performance performance - - I one love of this the video, few one of
of mine the with few narrative) mine love with this narrative) video,

(Surrounding twisted (Surrounding installation twisted performance: both
both of these were were created created from Eyebeam open open
performance: studio footage)

(Inside Jackson Moore's (Inside brilliant Jackson Spacepod Moore's
multi-speaker brilliant array creates that the creates illusion illusion


transparent avatar interlocks meshed from below,
virtual museum installation in empty space

mater stills
mater video

the enormity of these figures... hard to convey in virtual worlds...
you don't have to take my word for it... check it out, you'll see...
you can sense them looking down at you... guardians... working for
your benefit... whether you like it or not... it doesn't matter...
one at a time and it has to be night... broken into pieces always
reassembling... you can swallow them whole... their mouths big as
the universe... at least this universe... i'll tell you more, i'm


virtual worlds

they get stuck in this life and yearn to return to the other

they are held back by memory and skin which falls from their seasons

they cannot move but are made from layers torn from their flesh

you are stuck in pain, you are held back, you cannot move


small models of splayed and abstracted avatars in pain
they are fleeing from it

radio sounds from antique radio equipment
you lean against glass and hear the flesh of the earth

photographs of a small child doomed to make these things
the child is doomed to listen to these things too

images of dead soldiers against your eyes
you cannot think anything but images of dead soldiers

books of martyrs and tortures and torments closed
you cannot read through covers telling your cold future


lament maquette for the dead as the world oozes human beings

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November 2009
Media Theory
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Cyberspace is first and foremost a mental space. Therefore we need to take a psychological approach to understand our experiences in it. In Interface Fantasy, André Nusselder uses the core psychoanalytic notion of fantasy to examine our relationship to computers and digital technology. Lacanian psychoanalysis considers fantasy to be an indispensable "screen" for our interaction with the outside world; Nusselder argues that, at the mental level, computer screens and other human-computer interfaces incorporate this function of fantasy: they mediate the real and the virtual.

People: André Nusselder
Tags: Virtual Worlds, embodiment, information
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