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If you are in New York this weekend, come on out to P.S. 1 this Saturday for the Performa 07 book launch. We’ll be there in spirit or maybe even in Second Life.


For Performa07, Second Front performed Wrath of Kong, which mixed the Kong Kong legend with the pop-culture iconography of Donkey Kong.

Start Date: 
9 Oct 2009


This evening will feature three different artists/groups, which use the online virtual world of Second Life as a medium for performance art. Launched in 2003 by Linden Labs, Second Life (SL) hit widespread popularity in 2006. In this 3D-rendered world, people across the world share a networked space with unique avatars. With a completely user-generated environment, SL enables a rich world of artistic possibilities. 


People: Alan Sondheim (with Foofwa d'Imobilite), Lily & Honglei, Patrick Lichty, Scott Kildall
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Patrick Lichty (b.1962) is a technologically-based conceptual artist, writer, independent curator, animator for the activist group, The Yes Men, and Executive Editor of Intelligent Agent Magazine. He began showing technological media art in 1989, and deals with works and writing that explore the social relations between us and media. Venues in which Lichty has been involved with solo and collaborative works include the Whitney & Turin Biennials, Maribor Triennial, Performa Performance Biennial, Ars Electronica, and the International Symposium on the Electronic Arts (ISEA). He also works extensively with virtual worlds, including Second Life, and his work, both solo and with his performance art group, Second Front, has been featured in Flash Art, Eikon Milan, and ArtNews. He is also an Assistant Professor of Interactive Arts & Media at Columbia College Chicago, and resides in Baton Rouge, LA.

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