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Paper, wood, and traditional media aren’t tied to one vendor. They don’t require licenses or agreements. They aren’t, generally speaking, incompatible. If digital art is going to provide artists with the same freedom, it stands to reason that artists working with computation will find ways to make any pixel their medium.

Processing is a good example. It takes some time, but eventually, the understanding dawns upon you: Processing is more a design for how to code, an API, than it is a specific platform. Taken further, heck, it’s more like a way of life – sketch on paper, write simple code, prototype fast, make something happen.

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Image via Greenmap

We love GreenMap. It's a crowd-sourced map of all the great green stuff in cities all over the world. Launched last year, the online resource now is available as an iPhone app. ...Read the full story on TreeHugger

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Irene Cheng and Brett Snyder share the inspiration behind their iPhone app and pose questions sparked by their research. Read their story and then go tour the unbuilt city.


Open Video Sync is an open source project for the iPhone, which allows for multiple streams of video to be synchronized over BlueTooth or open wireless systems. Two or more iPhone devices will be able to synchronize their timecode so that their video aligns with one another. This will enable projects such as tactical media interventions, dance performances and traditional video installations with multiple channels of video that can communicate with one another.

Project Created: 
August 2009
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