Second Life

Broken Angel

debris located in the corners of the hard-drive,
where three vectors meet and dissolve, as if there
were a spherical geometry at work, or topology
dissolving within the field of the image: something
crashed and slid across the screen, the file no
longer carrying the random access of truth, and
therefore of great or greater interest, than as if
the screen appeared a featureless window or cloud
containing not just the simulacrum of the real, but
that corner of the real itself, within the sectors
of the hard drive, where three vectors meet and
dissolve, as if there were


debris, dawning
left over from day1 performance; somehow the sound was
transformed into something unworldly and beautiful
left over from the performance materials, here for the color
it's the central gate that fascinates me, holds me
it's the same light over the Matterhorn I do believe


creatures GREAT ANd small

every day we learn something new and are very happy
we are growing day by day and producing wonderful work
we are always bettering ourselves and reaching for the stars
every day new plateaus become old plateaus and launching pads
we are miracles and we create miracles
every day there are new wonders and we are so excited
every day our beauty flowers in our works and wonderful new worlds

Eyebeam, Day 5 performance, with Azure Carter, Foofwa d'Imobilite,
Mark Skwarek, and Alan Sondheim


Magic Door to Infinity

Magic Door to Infinity
Magic Door to Infinite Reality
Magic Door to the Magic Kingdom
Magic Door to Another World
Magic Door to Another Time
Magic Door to an Alternative Universe
Magic Door to Mixed Realities
Magic Door to the Self
Magic Door to Magic Doors

Alan Sondheim, Foofwa d'Imobilite
Fourth day at Eyebeam


[image from Mark Skwarek AR from my maquette]

just a little bit farther


painting, labor, performance

labor around second life: on-the-fly augmented reality, movement
improvisation in relation to images; 'accompaniment' with oud : : performances by Azure Carter,
Mark Skwarek, Alan Sondheim at Open Studios, Eyebeam

paint/Support-Surface in second life, day and night : : golden hour day
painting in Second Life with mesh, other modifications : golden hour night
ptg. in SL w/mesh + mods

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