Beatriz da Costa's anti-cancer work in progress, called "The Life Garden," is currently on display at Eyebeam in Manhattan.


Tonight some CRAFT friends will participate in a panel discussion called Open Retail at Eyebeam's Summer School series in New York City. The event will also be live streamed, for all you out-of-towners.

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Paperback, 160 pages
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December 2007
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Following on from the success of Making Stuff: An Alternative Craft Book, Making Stuff for Kids is a vibrant and exciting new craft book that features a whole slew of new ideas for cool things to make for and with kids.

Well-loved favorites, like piñatas, potato printing and kaleidoscopes are explained and illustrated, as well as felted puppets, wacky worms and nautical mobiles. Alongside these is a chapter of ideas that adults can make for their little ones -- this includes bibs, booties, hats, toy boxes and a whole selection of Halloween costumes.

The craft revolution has officially begun. In the aftermath of the knitting epidemic, people all over the world are turning back to those long-lost handicrafts of sewing, felting and crochet. So much so that sometimes it feels that crafting for children has been left behind as the adults get busy with the gaffer tape.

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Lemon, 2008
Rubber and pins
Approx. 50 x 50 in / 127 x 127 cm

Lemon is a meticulous construction made from the word lemon in forty languages. Hundreds of words cut from rubber are glued together to form a surface that at once references topographic aerial view and domestic craft, specifically crochet. The work touches on the territorial properties of language. From Japan to Latin America through the Mediterranean, in these forty languages the word ‘lemon’ has a similar pronunciation. The word presents evidence of human activity: Trade, conquer and migration. Lemon includes the first line from the poem "Perfection" by Williams Carlos Williams. Williams’ apple is replaced with lemon: “Oh lovely apple lemon! Beautiful and completely rotten, [...]”

Project Created: 
November 2008
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