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This year's Open Video Conference will include Eyebeam Fellows Jon CohrsJacob Ciocci, and Jeff Crouse presenting some of their most recent projects that work with open culture and video, as well as a brief overview of Eyebeam's history of supporting open culture research by Production Coordinator Roddy Schrock. Following presentations, the floor will be opened to a critical discussion on ideas of sharing/remixing in current video practice and the wider culture.

Eyebeam Presentations and Discussion Saturday October 2, from 4:45 to 5:30 at Open Video Conference (in the amphitheater), Fashion Institute of Technology, 7th Ave. at 27th.


Open Video Sync is an open source project for the iPhone, which allows for multiple streams of video to be synchronized over BlueTooth or open wireless systems. Two or more iPhone devices will be able to synchronize their timecode so that their video aligns with one another. This will enable projects such as tactical media interventions, dance performances and traditional video installations with multiple channels of video that can communicate with one another.

Project Created: 
August 2009

Jeff Crowse, Kenseth Armstead, and myself presented our work at the open video conference. There was a great Q&A afterwards that lead to some interesting copyright questions and dialog.

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