Dead Drops on 87 3rd Ave, Brooklyn (Makerbot)

‘Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. I am ‘injecting’ USB flash drives into walls, buildings and curbs accessable to anybody in public space. You are invited to go to these places (so far 5 in NYC) to drop or find files on a dead drop. Plug your laptop to a wall, house or pole to share your files and date. Each dead drop contains a readme.txt file explaining the project. Full documentation, movie, map and ‘How to make your own dead drop’ manual at

Project Created: 
October 2010
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paperback, 176 pages
Publication Date: 
August 2006
Media Theory
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No discourse seems more hollow at the present moment than that about tolerance and freedom of expression: in Western culture these concepts are scarcely capable any longer of generating meanings that apply and appeal to all of us. The codes, rules, agreements and symbols that determine our freedoms and rights within the public domain have ceased to function effectively. Leaving cynicism and nihilism behind, the politico-philosophical concept of the public sphere needs to be articulated anew. The desire for this is projected not just onto politics, but also onto art, architecture and the city. Open 10 brings together analyses, stances and proposals of theoreticians and artists.

People: Liesbeth Melis, Jorinde Seijdel
Tags: public, culture, expression
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Third edition of Enel ContemporaneaDoug Aitken: Frontier (curated by Francesco Bonami) :: October 23 - November 23, 2009 :: Tiber Island, Rome (after @ MACRO museum of Rome (Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma).

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