Beyond Light Bulbs


echo::system is a five part performance series of imagined environments conceived and created by Grisha Coleman.

echo::system is a performance of 'constructed' environments with live music, dance, live video and electro-acoustic design. Performers and viewers co-exist within a sensory rich, immersive environment, witnessing stories that unfold as a way to re-examine contemporary urban life.

Each live performance installations is referred to as 'Action Stations'. Action Station #1 is The Abyss, Action Station #2 is The Desert, Action # 3 is The Forest, Action Station # 4 is The Prarie, Action Station #5 is The Volcano.

Coleman developed The Desert while in residency at Eyebeam.

Project Created: 
December 2007

In a 40 minute journey through space and time, Grisha Coleman's performance installation, echo::system—The Desert, immerses audiences and performers in a completely synthetic environment comprised of audio and visual media, digital movement analysis, robotics and live performance.

This setting recreates a desert ecosystem simultaneously made up of the virtual and real, exposing how one affects the other.

Creator/choreographer: Grisha Coleman.

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Part of the Beyond Light Bulbs Series

Projects: echo::system - The Desert
People: Grisha Coleman
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