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Start Date: 
20 Sep 2011
Open to attendees of Strata Jumpstart, Summit and Conference. RSVP required.

Eyebeam has partnered with O’Reilly to invite attendees of the Strata Jumpstart, Summit, and Conference to our Strata New York celebration. Join us to kick-off a week of activities with a festive evening of creative cuisine, signature drinks, and the sharing of innovative ideas in our visualization showcase.

RSVP is required. If you plan to join us, please RSVP here.

The goal is to tell a story about the state of the art of visualization, the boundaries that it pushes (and isn’t pushing yet), the lessons learned from things gone wrong, and how to think about and intelligently interact with data in visual form.

The artists that will be on display include:

People: Alexander Chen, Amanda Cox, Andrew Gelman, Coco Krumme, Eddie Jabbou, Irene Ros, Jer Thorp, Lev Manovich, Ligorano Reese, Ligorano/Reese, Mike Driscoll, Moritz Stefaner
Tags: conference, Data Visualization, hosted event, O'Reilly, party, Strata

MIXER is Eyebeam's quarterly event series dedicated to showcasing leading artists in the fields of live audiovisual performance, interactive and participatory art. Videography by Jason Jones, Benton-C Bainbridge, Elsa Viera, Emma McRae, and Christina Kral. Edited by Paul Amitai. Music courtesy of Kudu, Judi Chicago, bubblyfish, and The Collection Agency

People: Paul Amitai, Christina Kral, Benton-C Bainbridge, D-Fuse, Kudu, Judy Chicago, David Jimison, bubblyfish, The Collection Agency
Tags: mixer, party, AV

Join us yet again at Eyebeam, but this time for the year-end Eyebeam Holiday Mixer! All ages welcome to enjoy hands-on workshops, demonstrations, interactive art, DIY gifts, and for the grown-ups, a cocktail mixology competition

Projects: MIXER
Tags: mixer, party, celebration, MeanRed, HolidayMixer

New York’s not-for-profit center for art and technology Eyebeam will host, will host, this Friday and Saturday (March 12-13), the MIXER: OLYMPIAD, Eyebeam’s version of the Olympics.


Celebrity Media Mashup flier

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Projects: Celebrity Media Mashup, Dirt Party, NTAG
People: Aaron Meyers, Arianna Huffington, DJ N-Ron, Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky), Eclectic Method, Jeff Crouse, Juice Boxxx, Lawrence Lessig, neuroTransmitter, The Yes Men
Tags: 10th Anniversary, benefit, Celebrity Media Mashup, party


Press Contact:
Rebecca Cittadini
212.937.6580 x222

MARCH 12 + 13, 2010

9PM – 2AM, FRI. MARCH 12 + SAT. MARCH 13

$20 at the door
Age: 18, 21+ ID to drink

Live Music:
FRIDAY 12 MARCH: Tanlines + Maluca | SATURDAY 13 MARCH: Justine D + more TBA


Dave + Jeff new Party Reel

These are some of the parties that Dave and I threw in 2007 and 2008. This is just a small taste. For more information about any of the things you see here, check out my other videos, or

Cast: Jeff Crouse


Dirt Party @ Futuresonic

Dave and I went to Manchester, UK to perform Dirt Party at the Futuresonic festival in 2008. For an explanation of the Dirt Party, please check out my video: "Dirt Party @ Eyebeam", or

Cast: Jeff Crouse


Which party should you go to tonight? Probably the one with that photographer from Last Night's Party, one of the many party photography sites that have become popular in the last few years. With a little luck, you might end up on the front page, posing like a rock star, or at least a really cool roadie. Quietly add the link to these precious stills on your MySpace profile so that everyone knows that, without a doubt, you were at the right party, with the right people, getting really fucked up and having an amazing time.

Project Created: 
February 2008
Start Date: 
6 Mar 2009 - 7 Mar 2009


 Named “The New Saturday Night” by New York Magazine (Jan., 16 – 23, 2009), Eyebeam's MIXER series is dedicated to showcasing leading artists in the fields of live video and audio performance, interactivity and participatory practice.

Due to popular demand, MIXER: EXPO was expanded to two nights of performance and installations that turned our rough-and-ready warehouse space into a temporary village of creatively engineered pavilions themed around the idea of utopia. In sum: An alternate “World's Fair” with NYC's top DJs.

Projects: MIXER
People: Aaron Meyers, Aeolab, Al Laufeld, Anakin Koenig, Angelo Co, Caspar Stracke, Cati Vaucelle, Cheon pyo Lee, Chris Jordan, Craig Shepard, Daniel Perlin, Di Mainstone, Elise Co, G. Douglas Barrett, Jeff Crouse, Juan Maclean, Leslie Flanigan, Marisa Jahn, Mark Shepard, Nikita Pashinkov, Not an Alternative, Paul Amitai, Sean Meehan, Steve Shada, Taeyoon Choi, The Institute for Faith-Based Technology, The Loud Objects, Tim Sweeney, Tristan Perich
Tags: A/V, expo, mixer, party, performance
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