When using PayPal for the Utopia Letterpress Print I want people to set their own price. PayPal offers a “Donate” button, but I wasn’t asking for donations. People are purchasing something, they’re just setting their own price for it. These PayPal buttons would not work for Karl Marx.

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” -Karl Marx

So I made my own buttons. And you can too!


Steve Lambert Utopia PosterUtopia
22in x 14in
Letterpress on card

Beautifully printed by James Lang at Horwinski Printing using lead and wood type on a letterpress built in 1885 that is as large as a mid-size car.

The text in this poster comes from a talk I gave at Berlin’s Transmediale Festival on Utopia in the Spring of 2010.

How to Order a Print

You, personally, determine the price of the print.


Ben Marks reviews the show at San Jose Institute of Contemporary Arts for KQED Public Media for Northern CA:

Inside, we are greeted by a needlessly large plexiglass donation box by Steve Lambert titled “Steve Lambert Refuses to Participate in the Exhibit.” A legend near the box promises that all the money collected will be divided among the artists in the show because the SJICA didn’t budget any money for artist fees. On the day I attended, a scattering of ones and a few fives sat unimpressively at the bottom of the box, adding irony to the piece’s tongue-in-check rejection of a show about rejection.

Read article in full at KQED’s site


Go and see work I prepared special for this show entitled, Steve Lambert refused to participate in this exhibition because the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art does not budget for artists fees, mixed media, 2009.

Exhibition: April 4 – June 20, 2009
Opening Reception: Friday April 3, 6-8 PM


Bucky I

A snowdome loaded with money, technology and nature.

Cast: ChocolateRobot


Bucky I

A snowdome loaded with money, technology and nature.

Cast: ChocolateRobot

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