ping report

This is old news that slipped through the cracks, but No Longer Empty has been reviewd in Flash Art, the Wall Street Journal, Metro New York, and Culturemob.


Digital Foundations has been given a glowing review on The Tech Static and has appeared on Google Books

My plugins got a historical shout out in Nicholas Knouf’s statement about his new plugin.


O’Reilly Radar and Boing Boing picked up on the HOWTO CC post, which echoed through the blogs.  Some of of the louder echos are: Robin Good’s reposting, which includes ironic stock photographs (something I’ve been meaning to do!)


The Postmasters Show on


Bright Bike on:


I have a bad habit of not blogging little things. Like when I get blogged. It seems so recursive. But at the same time, I delish them, and then they just stay there.

So in an effort to change that practice, I am instituting a Ping Report, which I will do as needed, but at least once a month. Just links, and maybe some pull quotes from blogs and exhibitions.

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