Bright Bike v2.0 - Pinstripes

After a year of testing we are releasing a new version of the wildly successful Bright Bike.

The new kit is easier to install, adapts better to everyone's desire to style their bike individually, and is now being made availalbe as purchaseable DIY Kits.  Everything is pre cut for quick and easy installation.

There are two styles: Pinstripe and Caterpillar.  The pinstripe covers the key reflective points in long lean streaks of reflection. The Caterpillar turns your main tubes into bands of reflective safety.

Everyone's favorite color is black: it is incognito on an urban black bike during the day, and bright white under headlights at night.  A close second are red and yellow.  We just got in some white, which is slightly pearlescent, and have a light blue, dark blue, green, and orange.

Project Created: 
November 2009

Lynn's documentary Still We Ride based on events surrounding the 2004 Republican National Convention in NYC and the Critical Mass bicycling movement was a collaboration with Elizabeth Press presented during a screening  at Eyebeam in 2007.  Lynn was a teaching artist in the After-School Atelier Spring 2004 entitled Recycling Media.


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