The following is an essay by Sam Gould written for The Present Group‘s to accompany the edition of “I Want You To Have This”. I was very flattered by it.

If you prefer a pretty pdf version, here it is. There’s more on the project (an audio interview, photos, and ability to buy one if they are still available) at The Present Group’s website.


False Documents and Other Illusions, looks at the various ways in which contemporary artists approach the idea of trompe l’oei, lillusion, or fooling the eye. It runs in conjunction with a traditional 19th-century trompe l’oeil painting show on view in another gallery called John Haberle: Master of Illusion.

The New York Times Special Edition will be included in the show.

Portland Museum of Art
Seven Congress Square
Portland, Maine 04101
October 30, 2010—January 2, 2011.


This is a video from my presentation for Prix Ars on the New York Times Special Edition. I talk about how the idea was generated, developed, and a bit about the purpose of the project as well as some of the ramifications. It’s about 30 minutes total and you can download it below.

See other Prix Ars presentations on their site.


This is one of the interviews I did while at Prix Ars. Somehow we started talking about death in video games. If you want to know what I think about Grand Theft Auto, watch this:


On 11 November 2008, a fourteen-page special edition of the New York Times mysteriously appeared on the streets of New York. Its headline, “Iraq War Ends,” introduced a collection of articles under the rubric of “All the News We Hope to Print,” an alteration of the paper of record’s actual motto, “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” Among the many organizers of the special edition spoof was Steve Lambert, who sat down with Fillip to discuss the project.

Read the piece at Fillip Magazine

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