wearable computing

Start Date: 
22 Aug 2015
$45 Early Bird // $55 General
117 Beekman Street, Manhattan, NY

This workshop is presented as part of the 'Making Patterns' exhibit showing at 117 Beekman Street.


Turn your body into a digital interface with conductive ink and a wearable air mouse. This workshop will show you how create a circuit on your arms and hands with this unique material.  Then use hand gestures to manipulate computers and interact with the digital world.  

No previous experience or knowledge required!
Minumum age requirement is 16 years old.

Take home your wearable air mouse and the knowledge to turn it into an extension of your hand!

Start Date: 
10 Jan 2015
$65 ($50 for Students & Early Bird) (Includes Materials)


We share our regular world with billions of bacteria and fungi, but are for the most part unaware of how they shape our world -- unless we get sick.  What if you could make a wearable biosensor that showed you in real-time how your own body's ecosystem works in concert with the environment?

Join The Cotard Syndicate for this workshop, where you will learn about their research and explore the growths through special microscopes; then make a biosensor that you can wear, track, and read the data collected from your micro- and macro-ecosystems.

MATERIALS (included in workshop fee)

- 3D-Printed Holder

- Agar

Projects: Computational Fashion, The Cotard Syndicate
People: Erica Kermani, Siddharth Ramakrishnan, Stefani Bardin, Toby Heys
Research: Education
Tags: biosensor, microbes, open science, wearable computing, wearable tech
Pushing the boundary of fashion to the absolute limit.

Wearable Weapons awaken the power of vulnerability. 

Wearable Weapons is currently building visual and interactive wearable costumes for an entertainer or singer to wear during a performance or music video.

Right now we are focusing on building a new series of collars with hacked Violet Wands connected to software that pulses mini-electrical arcs through voice interaction.  This is part of a larger series of interactive costumes built with different forms of electricity, fire, sound sensors, open source software, hardware, plant fibers, confiscated scissors from airport security, recycled razor blades, and zip ties.

You might ask... and what are Violet Wands?

Project Created: 
November 2011
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Once upon a time being alone meant you were unable to play a decent game of rock-paper-scissors, but now you can finally amuse yourself with just your own hand.

flying panty, magnet panty

After decades of running her kinky Syrian lingerie store in the Hamidiya souk of Damascus, Teta Haniya comes to America bearing gifts. With over 60 years of Islamic teachings on seduction, and an arsenal of kitschy electronics, Teta Haniya hijacks the western panty, triggering the sexual liberation of the American woman.


Project Created: 
June 2008
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