My environmental focused plugins are included in the exhibition End of Oil at Exit Art. The opening is this Saturday, June 13th from 6-8. The exhibition runs from June 13 – July 31, 2009.

A project of SEA (Social-Environmental Aesthetics) , The End of Oil is an exhibition of photography, prints, videos, installations and new media that addresses human dependence on oil and other fossil fuels; the ramifications that this dependency has on the future of the environment and of global geopolitics; and the recent push towards viable alternative energy resources.


Khalil Chishtee; Louisa Conrad; Robert Ladislas Derr; Dominic Gagnon; Ed Kashi; Matt Kenyon; Michael Mandiberg; Andrei Molodkin; Jo Syz

Start Date: 
15 Sep 2007
Luna Lounge

Applications open for the Eyebeam/Conflux Eco-Vis Challenge.

As part of the CONFLUX Festival, Eyebeam will announce a two-part juried competition. The competition will be kicked off with a panel discussion on information design and sustainability featuring Amanda McDonald Crowley, Tiffany Holmes, Michael Mandiberg, Timon McPhearson, Brooke Singer, and Eve Mosher.

Projects: Eco-Vis Challenge
People: Timon McPhearson, Tiffany Holmes, Michael Mandiberg, Eve Mosher, Brooke Singer, Amanda McDonald Crowley
Research: Sustainability
Tags: Eco-Vis
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