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10 May 2007
Upgrade! NY

May 10, 2007

Eyebeam Resident Michael Mandiberg presented a talk and workshop about his new project Real Costs. Attendees were encouraged to bring a laptop to play along. Programming knowledge was useful.

This hybrid talk/workshop included a 30 minute presentation of the project, and how it related to Michael’s previous work, followed by guided modding of the script. Michael provided a focused walk through of the code, and then set everyone free to make some modifications and provided feedback for the project.


[ January 31, 2009; 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. ] Eyebeam will be hosting a public critique for the Eco-Vis Challenge submissions this Thursday, as part of this month’s Upgrade! series of public programming.אייבים תקיים מפגש ביקורת פתוח עבור מתמודדי תחרות האקו-ויזואליזציה ביום חמישי הקרוב כחלק מסדרת מפגשי האפגרייד ניו יורק.



Eyebeam hosted a public critique for the Eco-Vis Challenge submissions as part of the Upgrade! series of public programming.

A distinguished panel of New York-based artists and designers discussed what role an art and technology center can play in raising public awareness on environmental issues, and how visualizing environmental data can address the crisis. The guest critics not only dicussed their criteria for a useful, engaging, and successful visualization project, but were available to give in-depth feedback to the Eco-Vis Challenge participants. Panelists included: Michael Mandiberg, Natalie Jeremijemko, and Upgrade! founders Mushon Zer-Aviv and Yael Kanarek.

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