Eric Reiffsteck


Reiffsteck is an independent writer, director, and producer currently working for Bizibi Productions-Paris on a project about open source entertainment in New York City. In 2001 he was selected as one of the top 8 up-and-coming directors for Emergence, the French Sundance Institute. After being the Director of Programming for more than five years at popular art-house cinemas near Paris, Eric returned to school to study film production at the National French Film School, la Femis. In 1997, he founded his own production company, Bizibi, which is currently headed by Emmanuel Agneray. Eric's first movie, the feature-length documentary Neba, was released in 2001 on France 2 and received critical attention for its subtle portrayal of the African immigrant experience.

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2003FTeaching Artist
STeaching Artist

Eric Reiffstecks's After-School Atelier high school class Viewership, Authorship, Ownership was an investigation of ownership in both literal and conceptual terms. Students explored re-appropriation of media entertainment to build a sense of self through media self-portraits, and were made aware of timely and relevant issues of copyright and borrowing media.... in the end, your self-portrait may not be your own.

Project Created: 
April 2003
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