middle east

The project is to create visuals, edited footage, and algorithmic animations to respond to the music of Guy Manoukian.

flying panty, magnet panty

After decades of running her kinky Syrian lingerie store in the Hamidiya souk of Damascus, Teta Haniya comes to America bearing gifts. With over 60 years of Islamic teachings on seduction, and an arsenal of kitschy electronics, Teta Haniya hijacks the western panty, triggering the sexual liberation of the American woman.


Project Created: 
June 2008

Les Années Lumière ( 14/2/05 - 14/5/08 )

A bird's eye view of the
lights that shook Lebanon.
3 years and 3 months,
compacted to 45 minutes.

22 x 30 inches
Electronics on Canvas

Cast: ayah bdeir

Projects: Les Années Lumière
People: Ayah Bdeir
Research: Middle East, Open Lab
Tags: electronicsoncanvas, lebanon, Videos, middle east
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