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Slide show of stills taken at Eyebeam Open Studios Spring 2010 of Mary Mack 5000.

Cast: Kaho A

Tags: Mary Mack 5000, Eyebeam Open Studios, Eyebeam and Kaho Abe

I <3 Bushwick held by CAPITAL B at Chez Bushwick-
September 27th, 2009.

Cast: Spencer Brown

Tags: CAPITAL B, Bushwick and Pop Up Party

A summary of the Post-Gravity Installation taking place at Eyebeam next week.

Cast: Spencer Brown


Visualize Your Taxes

We wanted to create a visualization that would blend storytelling & exploration, giving users the opportunity to better understand the US federal budget using familiar visual metaphors.

Starting from your own perspective, set up your priorities, then explore the budget both from a global/personal perspective with stories.

Navigate through 3 different representations, focus on a specific year, account or overall period, interactively navigate in time, compare and get numerical details.

Source: The data is taken from
Credit: FFunction team: Sebastien Pierre, Audree Lapierre, Samantha Rideout, James McKinney

Cast: FFunction

Reality Inspectors  ::  Theremin Assembly at EYEBEAM NYC

Alex Hornbake of The Reality Inspectors assembly a Moog theremin kit at EYEBEAM in NYC.

Cast: Sean McDonald

Alex Hornbake of The Reality Inspectors assembly a Moog theremin kit at EYEBEAM in NYC.

posted by Sean McDonald

lasersaur build at culturelab

for more information on the lasersaur project visit or

Cast: stefanix, pussykrew and Addie Wagenknecht

MIXER is Eyebeam's quarterly event series dedicated to showcasing leading artists in the fields of live audiovisual performance, interactive and participatory art. Videography by Jason Jones, Benton-C Bainbridge, Elsa Viera, Emma McRae, and Christina Kral. Edited by Paul Amitai. Music courtesy of Kudu, Judi Chicago, bubblyfish, and The Collection Agency

360frames times infinity: demonstration video

360frames times infinity is a photo booth installation built on top of the 3frames website. 8 webcams surround an enclosure in 360 degrees, generating bullet time-style animated gifs that are uploaded to 3frames. An accompanying projected visualization displays more than 1000 of the most recent uploads to 3frames as an infinitely scrolling starfield, updating in realtime to reveal the latest uploads as they happen.

Originally shown at Eyebeam's MIXER: Past Futures event:​events/​mixer-past-futures

Music: "All Aboard" by DMX Krew

Cast: Aaron Meyers

the two fish example

This is an example movie, showing how to use the arduino microcontroller and a bunch of sensors and buttons to create a real-time puppeteering performance with Moviesandbox.

If you like this example, please consider supporting Moviesandbox on Kickstarter here:​fLxdrX

A Tutorial on how to create your own bend-sensors can be found here:​id/​Neoprene-Bend-Sensor-IMPROVED/​

And thank you Jake, for helping!

Cast: Friedrich Kirschner