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Fader TV dropped by to talk to Eyebeam Resident Slava Balasanov about the launch of and the group show he put together in Eyebeam's Project Space.

TNO invitation video directed by the master himself, Andy Maskin. Also featuring Addie Wagenknecht, Tikva Morowati, Oren Ross.

Cast: stefanix

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Presentation by Addie Wagenknecht and Stefan Hechenberger of Nortd Labs on their Lasersaur Project at the Future of Stuff conference.
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Cast: Mary Huang

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This week the Eyebeam bookstore will have a special prototype batch of BjornQorn, a popcorn popped in concentrated sunlight produced by Jamie O'shea, Bjorn Quenemoen, and Ezer Lichtenstein. The BjornQorn company uses a Caloris Basin, developed by Eyebeamer Jamie O’Shea to concentrate sunlight to frying temperatures using very inexpensive materials.

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and is proud to have held the inaugural Visualizing Marathon: a 24-hour student data visualization competition in NYC. Inspired by robotics competitions and science fairs, the Marathon was created to give design students an opportunity to collaborate and use design to help tackle real-world issues. It was a fun and intense weekend full of speakers, performances, and of course, the actual competition. The Marathon was held over the Oct 22-24 weekend at Eyebeam in New York.


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Hit Me! is a two player hyper-interactive, physical game that tests speed, agility and the ability to take good snapshots. Hit Me! untilizes technology to encourage face-to-face real-world interaction between players and also spectators.

Cast: Kaho A

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littleBits is a system of electronic parts for play and prototyping. Designed for children, artists, or anyone shy about soldering, littleBits make electronics easy, fun, fast and accessible. Ayah Bdeir talks about her simple and intriguing system of magnetically connected, expandable electronics.

Addie and Stefan demonstrate Lasersaur at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011. Lasersaur is an open source laser cutter the team made after learning a laser cutter would be cost prohibitive for them personally. Using easily reproducible parts, the Lasersaur is intended to be built by other users and subsequently improved upon.

Cast: MAKE magazine

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The teens of DDC share some of their positive experiences from this summer's program. Read more about what we did here:​

Thanks to DDC teen Ian Antoni for interviews and camera work, and Eyebeam Production Assistant Kyle Kessler for editing together the final cut.