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Preemptive Media will be reworking our Swipe project for “Cyber In Securities” exhibition at the Washington Project for the Arts (WPA). The opening is Friday August 30th from 6-8pm.

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(lucky shot! :) found at Nettelbergplatz, Berlin Wedding)

You are cordially invited to the opening of Hello World! by Aram Bartholl, Thursday, August 29, 7pm at Kasseler Kunstverein.

Hello world!
Aram Bartholl
August 30 – October 13, 2013
opening August 29, 7pm, RSVP on FB
Kasseler Kunstverein

The Kasseler Kunstverein is proud to present Aram Bartholl’s first institutional solo show
featuring new works and central pieces of his oeuvre.

Flyer / Press Release PDF german english

Current & upcoming shows / talks / workshops:

Play & Make
Conference, Düsseldorf, Germany

7.-10.11. 2013
The Influencers Festival
theinfluencers Barcelona, Spain

YIA ART FAIR #03 Paris
with XPO gallery, Paris,, France

24.10. – 30.11.2013
Stadtgalerie Bern, Switzerland

8 -11.10.2013
Rixc festival, Riga, Latvia

Todaysart festival, The Hague, Netherlands

27.9.- 6.12. 2013
quartier 21/ INTERNATIONAL
Museums Quartier, Vienna
group show

20. – 27.09.2013
KM temporär, Berlin, Germany
group show

Symposium , FHNW, Basel , Switzerland

11.9.- 30.10.2013
In Medias Res
Galerie Verney-Carron, Lyon, France
Curateur : Alexis Jakubowicz
with: Rodrigo Arteaga (Chili), Aram Bartholl (allemagne), Patricia Camet (Pérou), Gloria Friedmann (France), Eva Jospin (France), Benjamin Mecz (France), Genêt Mayor (suisse), Simon Nicaise (France)

at Kasseler Kunstverein, Germany
curation Aram Bartholl
with: Constant Dullaart, Deanna Havas
Ei Jane Janet Lin, Eva & Franco Mattes aka, Evan Roth, JODI, Jon Cates, Lorna Mills, Jeremiah Johnson, Penelope Umbrico, Rosa Menkman, Sakrowski aka curatingYouTube, UBERMORGEN, Vuk Ćosić

Hello world!
solo show at Kasseler Kunstverein, Germany

past shows …



Kasseler Kunstverein, Kassel, Germany
August 30  – October 13 2013
Opening August 29, 7pm, rsvp on fb

curated by Aram Bartholl

‘Hardcore’ features a selected group of artists representing a wide range of radical approaches contrasting the mainstream idea of the digital image and web culture. Referring to subcultures in music during the 80s & 90s todays hardcore attitude can be found in various media and genres on the Internet. In the glossy controlled era of Facebook, Apple, and Google hardcore artists challenge conventions with radical points of view and hard core works.

Constant Dullaart
Deanna Havas
Ei Jane Janet Lin
Eva & Franco Mattes aka
Evan Roth
Jon Cates
Lorna Mills
Jeremiah Johnson
Penelope Umbrico
Rosa Menkman
Sakrowski aka curatingYouTube
Vuk Ćosić

production: Klara Pietrzak
code: Matthias Strubel
credits: xpo gallery

The show will take place parallel to Aram Bartholls solo show “Hello World!” at Kasseler Kunstverein in the same period of time.


The OFFLINE ART exhibition format:

Browser-based digital art works are broadcast locally from wifi routers which are not connected to the Internet.  Each art work is assigned a single wifi router which is accessible through any device, like smart-phones, tablets or laptops.  To access the different art works, the visitor has to connect to each network individually. The name of the network reflects the name of the artist. No matter what URL is opened, only the specific artwork appears in the browser. A small web server holding the art piece is installed on a USB flash drive which is connected to the router. Like frames holding the art, the routers are hung in the exhibition space which is otherwise empty. The art i tself becomes visible only on the visitor’s private screen.The pieces are locally widely accessible but disconnected from the Internet

see also the documentation of the first OFFLINE ART show new2 at xpo gallery Feb 2013

All pics o flickr

Dust Excerpt 1

at Winter Prison, Sherbrooke, Quebec
part of the show August 1 – 17, 2013

Wow!! the production and installation of this piece went really well, and the outcome is beyond expectations! :)) Thx so much to the whole team at making this possible and thx for all the excellent work! Special thx to Éric Desmarais & François Quévillon!!



PRISM Break Up
October 3-6, 2013
New York, NY

Request for Proposals

On October 3-6, 2013, Eyebeam Art and Technology Center will host the first event of its kind PRISM Break Up, a series of art and technology events dedicated to exploring and providing forms of protection from overreaching surveillance. The gathering will bring together a wide spectrum of artists, hackers, academics, activists, security analysts and journalists for a long weekend of meaningful conversation, hands-on workshops and art installations.

Why does it matter?

In the contemporary digital era, privacy has become a luxury for the initiated. Google and Facebook mine your personal data for a profit, the government monitors your phone calls, even shopping malls track the mobile phones connected to their wifi. In the wake of revelations about the NSA PRISM program, many citizens are left wondering what they can do to protect their privacy. We believe everyone has a right to define their own digital privacy, understand how it is being compromised, and feel empowered to protect it.

Initiatives like Prism Break (, the Locker Project (, and Security in a Box ( have attempted to combat privacy violations, but the process continues to be complex and inaccessible to the general population. We also recognize that security and privacy, especially at the hardware level, is tricky, but that’s not going to stop us from trying to determine how it can best be protected.


Thursday  Oct. 3 – Kickoff party and art opening.
Friday Oct. 4 – Evening lectures/discussions, screening party.
Saturday Oct. 5- Day of workshops.
Sunday Oct. 6- Lectures/discussions, wrap up, help cafe, cryptoparty.

There are three categories of participation: talks, workshops and art:


Do you have an idea for a lecture, panel discussion or other type of talk you would like to give about privacy, security, surveillance or PRISM related issues? Submit your idea! Talks will take place Friday, Oct. 4th.Topics can be from 15-20 minutes in length, variable if a panel discussion is implied. From the submissions, we will select between 6-8 talks and a maximum of 2 panels.


The goal of these workshops is to share security techniques with the general public. Want to teach people how to secure their communications? Is it possible to get off Google? How do we avoid being tracked? If you know how to do so in a fun and engaging way, propose a workshop! We are also looking for people to assist during our Sunday help cafe.

Initial workshop ideas include implementing any of the PRISM-break technologies (, mobile encryption, building affinity groups, evading hardware level surveillance, steganographic tools, submitting FOIA requests, and generally getting over Google. Workshops will be around 45 minutes in length and take place on Saturday, Oct. 5th.


Do you create works dealing with issues of privacy and surveillance? Submit your work to the PRISM Break Up exhibition taking place Oct. 3-6. Installations and collaborations, non-traditional and experimental work is encouraged.
Is your work ephemeral, hard to transport or located far from New York? We can’t cover transportation but we are having a screening party. Submit a video work or documentation of your privacy themed art to our screening taking place Friday Oct. 4.

Submission Details

Please copy the template below into a blank email and answer in full. Email your proposal to with subject line [workshop] [talk] [art] or  to specify what you are applying to propose. You may submit multiple proposals.

Email address:
Phone number:
Personal URL:

What is it? (pick all that apply)
– Talk
– Workshop
– Artwork (if video for screening please specify)

URL of the work/documentation of the work (if applicable):
Details of implementation (for workshops):
Who is your intended audience? (for workshops):

Budget required:
What will your proposed contribution add to this event?
What do you hope to get out of this experience?


Have a question about the application? Want to help fund this exciting endeavor? Or would you like to volunteer food/drinks/money/time? If you want to help out but don’t have a specific idea, email us and we can figure it out together. Email us at with subject line [volunteer] to get involved!

Hat Tip

The name “PRISM Break Up” is inspired by the website PRISM Break ( by @zcpeng ( that lists alternatives to widely used PRISM-friendly software.


Allison Burtch, Aurelia Moser, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Ramsey Nasser

Production preview of a new piece which will be shown in Qubec end of the month. 20 crates of different sizes (up to 2 m/6 feet high!) from Counterstrike dust map will be stacked and arranged in a old prison yard in Sherbrooke. I m very excited to see the first pictures of the production! :))
CU at the opening!!

Aram Bartholl – Dust Excerpt 1 Liminal Spaces / Germany /
July 31 to August 17 / Winter Prison courtyard / 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Winter Prison, which was closed in 1990, is one of Sherbrooke’s oldest buildings. With Dust Excerpt 1, its
courtyard is taken over by pixellated crates from a popular map in the computer game Counter-Strike. By
setting up interactions between the architecture and history of worlds with distinct realities, the installation
examines the different codes and forms of behaviour we adopt in « real life » and in virtual environments,
as well as how these spaces are inscribed in the collective memory. Through his interventions in public
space and his performances, workshops, exhibitions and curatorial activities, Aram Bartholl explores the
social, cultural and political impact of digital technology and the Internet.

Espace [IM] Média 2013
Sherbrooke, Quebec
July 31st to September 22nd 2013.

with : Gordon Monahan, Aram Bartholl, Niklas Roy, Douglas Gordon & Philippe Parreno, Isabelle Hayeur, Nelly-Ève Rajotte, Jonathan Sterne, Brandon LaBelle, Chantal Dumas, Erin Gee, Anna Raïmondo, Jo Longhurst, Myriam Yates, Marie-Andrée Houde, Virginie Laganière, Jacinthe Lessard-L, Aude Moreau, Martin Tétreault & Michel
Langevin, Steve Bates, Louis « Bobo » Boutin, Thomas Bégin and many more…

Co-curated by Jean-Pierre Aubé, François Quévillon, Philippe-Aubert Gauthier and Sébastien Pesot.

’15 seconds of fame’ 2010, at Kunstverein Arnsberg

Public Abstraction Private Construction VI VII
26. Juli – 8. September 2013

Eröffnung am Freitag, 26.07.2013, 19 Uhr
+ Sommerfest im Garten des Kunstvereins

Aram Bartholl, Heike Bollig, Julian Charriere & Julius von Bismarck, Andreas Greiner & Fabian Knecht, Katrin Herzner, Gordon Matta-Clark, Adrien Missika, Hans Schabus, Roman Signer, Timm Ulrichs, Ella Ziegler

I finally had a few minutes to make a graphic out of the posters we installed in the Stamford, CT, storefront. This way its all legible. Hoping to find another use for them too.