Urban Impressions: New York City | Obsessive Psychogeography

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During my time as the reBlogger I have recorded my movements around the city and for my last post I figure I'd share it to give an insight to life in New York and that simply living one's life can accumulate such a large amount of information. The data set is open and free to use and reinterpret.

Urban Impressions: New York City

New York City, New York, USA

    "The city of teleportation"

  • Distance traveled: 231.43 miles
  • Duration: 39 days
  • Dates: 1/05/11 to 2/12/11
  • Modes of transportation:
  • On foot: 200.18 miles
    Bicycle: 18.45 miles
    Automobile: 12.8 miles

Data collection method: Memory and writing on found objects. GPS was not used to track movements. Paths were inputted by hand into Google Earth.

View on Vimeo for larger high quality video.

Source Data: NYC.kmz

This is part of a larger (potentially lifelong) project which currently includes other cities such as Prague, Istanbul, Berlin, and Hoboken.

I would also like to introduce the term obsessive psychogeography. It is a brach of psychogeography which involves collecting an abundance of precise information about one's surroundings including but not limited to observations, emotions, and interactions. New technologies especially advancements in mobile communications facilitate the data collection process of many of these works.

It is a term first introduced to me by ITP instructor and alumni Zannah Marsh.

Happy reBlogging

-Tim Clark


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