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Shared by reBlog @ Eyebeam

Shared by reBlog @ Eyebeam

This is a project I have been working on during my time at Eyebeam.


Tetrometroes utilizes the strict road system that makes up Manhattan and uses it as a stage for play, creating the world's largest Tetris board.

It is a comment on the mundane uniformity that makes up Manhattan. Unlike older cities New York's main island lacks the intricacy that allows one to get lost and really experience a city. This makes it seem cold and predictable to many.

The name Tetrometroes derives from tetrominoes, the geometric shapes composed of four squares connected orthogonally that make up Tetris pieces.

Drawing extends 720 city blocks and covers 38.18 miles. It was conceived using Google Earth and carried out using a mobile phone GPS.

The city is a playground.





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