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Recap, 2010 01SJ Day 1:

Today was the first day of the biennial!  Everything that I had spent months promoting and working for and it was finally here.  The first day was mainly hectic and exciting.  Hectic because I did not know what to expect, and exciting because I was able to meet a bunch of new artists from the Out of The Garage workshops.

I saw workshops which studied people’s shopping/clothing trends, a solar sculpture from Solar Circus, precision cut cardboard and materials from the tech shop, and other exciting things I would like to take part in throughout the weekend.

In the evening, the performances at open ceremonies were spectacular!  There were audio ballerinas, Taiko drummers, and the featured artist, The Freshmen.  I had never heard of The Freshmen before this, and when I listened to them for the first time I was surprised at how awesome they sounded! They really got the crowd up and moving, and a few die-hard fans came in later to join the fun.  There was also Rockwell group’s amazing light show installation, and it was turned on during the middle of the performance.  It was great seeing the lights change with traffic lights.

At the end of the day, I attended a midnight concert at Trinity Cathedral.  It was an Untitled Piano Composition.  I found the performance very eerie yet soothing.  The composition was creative, and the sounds were beautiful.

All in all my first day went great, and I am looking forward to the next three action-packed days for 01SJ.

Recap, 2010 01SJ Day 2:

Today,  I was a little bit more familiar with the workshops and Out of the Garage events.  After meeting with the other builders, I decided to go to the first performance of the day, which was “A Season in Hell” at the San Jose Stage.  I had no idea what to expect when I walked in, but when I was greeted with Randall Packer shouting in the middle of the stage, I knew this was going to go well.

The performance was both political and artistic.  It was video art tightly merged with performance art, and it was truly magnificent to see.  What I appreciated most about the performance was the pre-recorded bits they showed on the screen and on Orf, who was the secretary of art and technology’s guide to the underworld after America’s “death” during the Bush Administration.  This performance required an enormous amount of skill, both technical and in acting.  Only two actors made this performance entertaining.

After the performance, I had a D.I.Y. Solar Sculptures workshop to attend, so I went in and was happy to see that the workshop was fully packed.  Kids of all ages, as well as adults.  She gave us solar sculpture kits in which we are able to make a puppy, windmill, spin boat, and many others.  I picked the airboat, and started hacking and putting together the pieces because at the end, our mini-sculptures were going to be part of a large rolling wagon filled with sculptures everyone has made, and each little moving, spinning piece was to take part of the Green Prix.

After D.I.Y. Solar Sculptures, me and some of the builders and volunteers attended the V.I.P. reception, and listened to some wonderful artist talks.  There I saw Zoe Keating in person!  It was exciting.

Next, was the AbsoluteZero street festival.  I invited some of my friends to come with me, as this was a very hip place to be for a lot of young artists.  I saw booths with art projections, an “Over the Top” two-person carousel, the Red Cross “CURE” booth, performances, and more!  It was a wonderful experience walking around and checking out the galleries.

At the end of the day, I was exhausted and went home to get some sleep before the next day, which was the Green Prix.

-Shilpi Tomar [Builder]

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