FutureEverything – New Mobilities

Shared by reBlog @ Eyebeam

Shared by reBlog @ Eyebeam

mCenter, the Mobilities Research and Policy Center, at Drexel will I hope be involved in New Mobilities, and have kindly invited me over to Philly this Friday to give a talk.

Mobilities Visiting Speaker “FutureEverything – New Mobilities” Talk by Drew Hemment Founder of the FutureEverything Festival and Associate Director of ImaginationLancaster Friday, 16 July 2010: 5:30-7:00 pm @ NextFab Studio: 3711 Market Street, Philadelphia on the campus of the University City Science Center PLEASE RSVP: http://futureeverything.eventbrite.com FutureEverything is an art, technology and social innovation organization [...]





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