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Doug Aitken

Carmen :: I fell down a rabbit hole. I was looking for interesting work by Mexican artists living near Morelia and as I stumbled around on line I found out about Mexico: Expected /Unexpected. The traveling exhibition included work by Mexican artists as well an international mix of makers. The goal of the exhibition was to explore a possible definition of Mexican contemporary art through dialogue with works from the international scene. Looking at the collection, one gets the sense of just how unstable such categories are.

But that heady art theory might be best saved for a chat over cocktails-lots of cocktails.

Deeper into the rabbit hole I go. There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. What is it? It’s neon! What is it about neon? I love it! It’s the handwriting of low-end goods, sleazy commercialism, but the works in this collection use it to write poetry.

I immediately wanted to move in with Doug Aitken’s 99 cent dreams . (Pictured above) The collection also includes
this neon work by Kendell Greers.
I made Red Dress (pictured below) in 2008 and felt dangerously over but I just couldn’t help myself. I’m happy to know that I was wrong about neon being over.

Red Dress



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