Carmen :: preparing discussion topics for the Composing

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Carmen :: preparing discussion topics for the Composing Interactive Multimedia residency I will be leading in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico with composers Kevin Patton and Ken Ueno. Since 4'33" we've all considered the value of silence. But as visual artists — what is the value of darkness? What can video artists, or in this case sound artists making interactive video for their compositions, learn by exploring the way we see? We can begin by considering that music has always been an audiovisual spectacle, that the visible has always been part of the practice of sharing and understanding music. Other modes of expression insinuate themselves into every manifestation of artistic creation, be it implicitly or explicitly, even when it does not result from the artist's intent. Critical acknowledgement of this phenomenon allows composers to craft the effects of this multimodal stimulus on their audience.

I am also excited about exploring the practices of electroacoustic music in Latin America. Until now I have experienced it only in a Western European or American context. I remember how exciting it was so see the works included in Inverted Utopias by curator Mari Carmen Ramirez.

What lies across the border? Ya veremos.