Sissu Tarka says: Spending Saturday afternoon in London’s

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Sissu Tarka says: Spending Saturday afternoon in London’s financial district. Deserted streets on days like this, emptied out market places, stranded tourists (7 in total). Passing the infamous Lloyd's building, deciding to take some rounds at Norman Foster’s ‘Gherkin’ until being stopped by the security, and told “It is not allowed to cycle round this tower.” (Check out Kippenberger’s Psychobuildings, book of photographs, 1988; and Nils Norman’s The Contemporary Picturesque, 2000, an exploration into urban architecture and design and how public space is linked to, and constitutive of forms of repression. Today’s forms? Flexible, less tangible.) Leaving the district to cross Southwark bridge.
Past few days were spent on developing a text which, together with other current (actual and virtual) investigations, led me to think further about mythologies. The myth of hacking. Myths of open culture.
Read Galloway / Thacker (2007) on Rhetorics of Freedom, and open source with its focus on “code in isolation”, “fetish[ing] all the wrong things” – opposition between closed and open is flawed.
Watching journey through the Tivoli Gardens. Kenneth Anger, Eaux D’Artifice (1953) Re-turning to Mark Lewis Jay's Garden, Malibu (2001) a work I included in a recent film-event as part of a ‘Victorian Gardening’ programme. Interlinked themes.





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