Sissu says: Planetary breakdown = Have been thinking about

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Sissu says: Planetary breakdown = Have been thinking about proposals for our century for some time, possibly a mad useless purely formal idea. Today, am in auto-pilot mood, caught in a fast increasing vehicle (not this one:, trying to recall what philosopher Hiroshi Yoshioka desribed as “the slowness at the speed of light”, a claim for using high-speed technology for being slow. Time capsule back and forth across dimensions, lunar scapes. DIY methodologies. Erroneous practice. Throwing arrows on site near Gunpowder Park (anti high-tech or super high-tech! thanks to N for taking the photograph) Detours to Brazilian artist Lygia Clark working against the unique work, infinitely multiple works on an industrial scale, and the participatory in art as essential – early power? And the to not forget Jeremy Deller. Should one write on Tintin like Tom McCarthy or follow his activities with the INS



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