This is what I mean by Reclaim The Streets:John Jordan sez:

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This is what I mean by Reclaim The Streets:

John Jordan sez: "Imagine: it's a hot summer's day, four lanes of traffic move sluggishly through the grey stinking city haze, and an airhorn pierces the drone of cars. Suddenly several groups of people appear, running out from side streets carrying 20-foot-long scaffolding poles. In a perfectly choreographed acrobatic drill, the scaffolding poles are erected bang in the middle of the road in the form of tripods and people climb to the top, balancing gracefully 20 feet above the tarmac. The road is now blocked to traffic but open to pedestrians. Then that spine-tingling peak experience occurs. Drifting across this extraordinary scene is Louis Armstrongâ's voice singing “What a Wonderful World“ this wondrous sound is coming from an armoured personnel carrier which is now standing in the car-free street. Within minutes thousands of people have filled the road."