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Handmade Music: Bent Edition - tonight!

Coinciding with NYC's Bent Festival Handmade Music initiates an especially hacked event tonight at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. The free event features a pretty amazing lineup including -

  • "modular synth meets circuit-bent Barbie dolls. noise, drone, dance party with Peter Edwards of Casper Electronics." -

  • A surprise mystery instrument(s) from Handmade Music superstar Ranjit Bhatnagar, who promises it'll be "something weird." -

  • CDM captain Peter Kirn shows you how to have fun with Radio Shack contact mics and using water for music-making.

  • E-Squared churn out homemade analog synthesis featuring the unique hardware stylings of Mr. Eric Archer -


  • Plus - Jamie Allen and Jo Kazuhiro talking about the circuitry, the music, and the magic of the Chiptune Marching Band -

  • Free beer courtesy Pabst Blue Ribbon, while it lasts!

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3rd Ward
195 Morgan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237