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The Hardcore Continuum? A discussion

  • Published 07/04/09 Special Events
  • Event: 29/04/09
  • Location: East London, United Kingdom
  • Sponsored by The Wire
  • Links: UEL
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The Centre for Cultural Studies Research at University of East London in association with The Wire is hosting a discussion surrounding Simon Reynolds's Hardcore Continuum idea of a thread leading through the evolution of UK dancefloor music from the breakbeat hardcore matrix of the early 1990s.
Speakers are: Mark Fisher (K-Punk), Alex Williams (Splintering Bone Ashes), Steve Goodman (Kode 9), Lisa Blanning, Dan Hancox (Guardian, New Statesman), Joe Muggs, Jeremy Gilbert (Co-author of Discographies) and Kodwo Eshun. London UEL Docklands Campus (Cyprus DLR), 29 April, 2-6PM. Free but pre-registration is recommended. More info? email: or click here.


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