Engrave Your Book is back!

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earth cut away by cole gerst

Engrave Your Book is back in action! After discovering that laser engraving art directly onto PVC Moleskines is an unsafe manufacturing process, we’ve developed USA-made leather covers which slip seamlessly over Moleskine notebooks. Not only do the leather covers look incredible engraved, they’re reusable and will only get better with age. Currently, we are only offering pocket-size covers; the large covers will be available early February.

The cover above, by Option-G, is just one of many featured designs in the new artist series. The designs below are by Justine Ashbee, Dan Funderburgh, Cole Gerst, and Alisha Wessler.
covers by ashbee, funderburgh, gerst, and wessler

We use only the highest quality full-grain cowhides. These hides are tanned with natural bark tannins and contain no harmful chromium. The leather is undyed and will age gracefully, eventually becoming a treasured heirloom. The elastic strap of the Moleskine notebook slips through the inside flap of the cover allowing the notebook to be closed securely.
leather cover images

Check out engraveyourbook.com to see the complete artist series or to design your own custom cover. Thank you for all your support in 2008! I look forward to working with you in 2009!