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There is a lot of hooting going on around town, now that we have Barack Obama as our president. Collectively, we are delighted that Team Bush is tucking up its tail, because now we can focus our energies in moving beyond the morass and into the swamp of what is to be done.

Lit Column
In this, our second-ever lit supplement– curated by Mairead Case – please enjoy…

Arists Write: Thinking While Making Things
Proximity’s first essay for its Theory Series is by the renowned New York painter David Reed.

Together: How to have a healthy collaboration during an economic meltdown
Despite nearly five decades of critical writing and art practice that seeks to dismantle the sacred cows of art (i.e., the artist-genius, the artist as white hetero male…

Art Groups: On Becoming The Enemy From Within
Some people join groups, some people start groups, others lurk and smirk on the outskirts of groups – and then there are, of course, the groupies.

Printed Matter
The well-stocked storefront in Chelsea is home to more than 15,000 publications by 5,500 international artists. Crowded shelves of limited edition artist books—reflecting a mind-boggling array of…

The square books in Columbia College’s 6×6 series, measuring 6 inches on each side, could easily be mistaken as CD jewel cases.

Social Network of Seattle Literary Magazines (Print and Web)
Although online literary magazines have always been more accessible than print ones, it wasn’t until after 2001 that the quantity and quality began to dwarf print magazines.

Reporting from Inside Democracy in America
Our national narrative holds many more flattering examples of what defines us as a people. Over the past seven years, for example, we’ve billed ourselves as bearers of Democracy to the rest of the globe.

Signs As Direct Action
The type of signs, billboards, historical markers and monuments that dominate public space inform us greatly about the culture and the politics that we live under.

The Sheet and Tin Plate Company Edison Concept Houses of Gary, Indiana
The history of early twentieth architecture is replete with innovations in building technology, especially in sometimes experimental industrial housing developments.

Delicious Design League Sonnenzimmer John Salhus David Lyle Sighn

Hamburger Eyes
“As far as a scene, I feel that especially right now with photography in the art world, people just want to come up fast. They want to be the shit right now.”

One Question About Critical Art In Chicago
This interview is part of 5 Questions About Critical Art In Chicago, an online publication presented by AREA Chicago.

Steve Lambert
Sure, you could call Steve Lambert a prankster, but that would be too simple a title.

Space 1026

We have a gallery, a print shop, and two floors of studio space. The artists who work here range from painters to video artists, sculptors to musicians. The work that is produced here is incredibly diverse.

Team Lump
We aim to provide a space for thought-provoking exhibitions without compromise to the commercial market.

A Letter From Japan: The Photographs of John Swope
In one photo, Jimmy Stewart stands humorously in the desert, staring oddly at what looks to be a gas-powered model airplane.

Beautiful Losers (Sidetrack Films)
Some hear the term “Beautiful Losers” and think of the Leonard Cohen book.

I went to bed at three with my hair full of Miller High Life and other people’s sweat. I set my alarm for six. I didn’t have to get up for work until eleven…

Two Truths and a Lie
Blame Dada. Wikipedia, that hallowed inter-web tome of ceaseless knowledge, associates performance art with the Dadaists.

A Recipe for King: Artist as Man = Evolution
Trapped in the middle of this century, like a sardine in a can, exists its most relevant artist, whom I’m quite certain you’ve never heard of.

Art Fag in Art Land
Art Fag reviews Stan Shellabarger, Gordon Matta Clark, Patricia Acosta, Stina Kaczmaryn, Jeff Koons, and Michael Hernandez De Luna.