Teen Programs


What has been traditionally understood as "arts education" at other institutions stands apart at Eyebeam, as our youth programs put aspiring young artists together in a collaborative, project-based environment with emerging and established practitioners from the community.

Eyebeam is a member of the Hive NYC Learning Network, a project by the Mozilla Foundation, to facilitate programs and workshops in meemoo and other creative digital tools.

For more information about our learning programs, please contact Erica Kermani, Director of Education at erica@eyebeam.org. You can also stay updated and see what program participants are creating by following us on tumblr


Upcoming Teen Programming

Thumbnail Rap Research Lab: FREE AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM

6 Oct 2015 - 23 Jan 2016



Ever wonder who the best rapper ever is? Who used the phrase 'On Fleek' first? Who 

Thumbnail Digital Day Camp

DIGITAL DAY CAMP is a summer intensive program for youth enrolled in public or private high school. DDC provides a unique, creative, and hands-on learning experience in applied art and technology, where teenagers will engage with professional working artists,...

Thumbnail Art in Your Space

Art in Your SpaceA group of up to 15 City-As-School students will work with a teaching artist contracted by Eyebeam and Benjamin Cramer to create an interactive art installation in a business incubation space. This...

Thumbnail POW! Creative Caped Crusaders in Technology

POW! Creative Caped Crusaders in Technology is a new after-school program for middle school students that will create an oportunity to explore fashion, electronics, coding, and design. Through the design thinking process and development of fictional stories,...

Thumbnail Playable Fashion 2014-2015

Playable Fashion is a free teen program that explores the intersections between Fashion, Technology and Gaming. Youth learn the concepts and techniques behind them in order to create their own digital games and wearable technology projects....

Thumbnail Our Net: Youth Workshop

Our Net teaches middle school students a basic understanding of the key components of network infrastructure by enabling students to develop their own private internal networks that are independent of the Internet.